Early Years

Early Years caters to our students from Nursery to Year 2 (ages 3 to 7) and provides a happy and purposeful introduction to learning.

In Early Years our approach to learning is student-centred and cross-curricular. Our inquiry-based learning model nurtures learning dispositions and engages students in topics in which they express interest. Children learn how to communicate their ideas and listen to others, to solve problems and to persevere with relevant tasks.

Just as each child has different interests, each child has an individual learning style. We understand that students make progress in different areas at different rates and we work closely with parents to support their child's unique learning journey.

Our Early Years environment is specially designed to meet the needs of our youngest students. We encourage outdoor learning to develop their curiosity and look to nurture confident young learners who take pride in their achievements.

We believe that our partnership with parents is essential to each child’s success in Early Years and we build this important relationship through welcoming parents into the school.  Sharing the children’s learning journey in accessible journals, attending workshops and parent conferences are some examples of how we make this partnership come to life.

--David Mumford, Head of Early Years