Junior School

Our aim is to ensure that all the children in our care are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. We provide an appropriate and balanced academic challenge that enables students to realise their unique potential in a supportive environment.

Junior School students engage in topic-based learning, a cross-curricular approach that integrates different subject matter under an umbrella topic or area of interest. Students have dedicated English and Mathematics lessons and specialist teachers for Mandarin, Physical Education, Art, Design Technology and Music. Where possible, the learning in these subjects is also linked to the current topic.

We offer a stimulating creative curriculum giving students greater autonomy over time, allowing them to take greater responsibility for their learning. Regular assessment tracks student progress to ensure all children achieve to the best of their abilities.

Our children are provided with a challenging creative curriculum. This gives them more autonomy over what they learn and allows them to take responsibility for their learning and improve their thinking skills. Alongside this curriculum are regular assessments and tracking of pupil progress to ensure that every child achieves the best they can. The children still have discrete English and Maths lessons and specialist teachers for PE, Art, Design Technology and Music, but where possible these are also linked to the topic. In addition to the creative curriculum it is the experiences that the children have outside the classroom that really make Dulwich an amazing school.

--Ruth Grant, Head of Junior School