Spotlight on our Teams

Meet our diverse professional teams and learn more about their broad range of experience, their dedication to the students and the College. Enjoy these portraits! 

Whole College Music Team

Meet the whole College Music Team!

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein

Our highly talented Music team would certainly agree with Albert Einstein! No celebration goes by without their lively contribution, be it live or online. Meet our whole College Music team and hear about their experience!

Whole College PE Team

Meet the whole College PE Team!

Meet our awesome PE team, a terrific group of experienced, energetic, enthusiastic, friendly teachers and athletes!

Their love and passion for sports drive them to encourage others to see the benefits of staying active, be it through playing sports or any other form of exercising. They enjoy working with children and helping their students to improve in sport is one of their main drivers.

Senior School Technology Team

Meet our Senior School Technology Team!

“Our mission is to guide Senior School students from Year 7 through Year 13 to develop designing skills while keeping sustainability in mind, continuously inquiring about: life, people, objects and events, and relying on their creativity to solve problems” explains Martin Mathieson, Head of Technology.

Technology students benefit from the multidisciplinary expertise and creativity of their dedicated teachers in the high-tech environment of the SE21 lab to build “lifelong skills that will remain after theoretical knowledge has long been forgotten”.

Junior School Assistant Teachers!

Meet our Junior School Assistant Teachers!

We’ve had the pleasure to meet five enthusiastic assistant teachers and learn more about their role, their challenges and what they find most rewarding in their role. Come along and meet Qiqi Wang, Tracy Zhang, Amy Zhang, Amy Zhao, Catherine Zheng!

They all expressed the same passion and energy when telling us about their responsibilities, challenges and joys in their role.

Early Years Dual Language Teacher

Meet Ms Tina Xu, Dual Language Teacher in Early Years!

With twenty years of experience working in international education, Ms Tina is indeed one of our most experienced dual language teachers, currently dedicating her energy and expertise to our Year 1 and Year 2 students. We have had to pleasure to meet her to learn more about her teaching journey.

Senior School European Languages Team

Meet our Senior School European Languages Team!

Hear about the the European languages learning journey, the main challenges for our students to learn European languages, and the secret recipe of a good language teacher.

Junior School Chinese team

Meet DCB’s Junior School Chinese team!

Join us to learn more about Chinese teaching in Junior School with our experienced Chinese teachers! 

Senior School Mathematics team

Meet our Senior School Mathematics team!

 Meet our passionate team of mathematics teachers in Senior School to crack the secrets of their teaching philosophy.