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Julian Jarvis

Teacher of Music

Julian Jarvis holds a BA (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma and a Masters Degrees in Music as well as number of instrumental licentiates on both the flute and the bass trombone. In 2012, he started teaching at County Upper School in Bury St Edmunds. Julian has been performing since a child: as a chorister at Rochester Cathedral, Julian developed a love of choral music. As an adult, Julian was a member of the London Symphony Chorus and performed many times at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall and featured on a number of successful recordings with the choir. For fifteen years he was a member of Prime Brass; as bass trombonist in this 10-piece brass group and performed with many leading choirs in the group's home town, Cambridge, UK. Whilst in Cambridge, Julian taught both the flute and brass for twenty-two years at a number of Private Schools in the City. As well as music, in his spare time Julian is a keen reader, especially historical non-fiction and plays a mean hand of scrabble. Another passion is cooking and, in particular, baking. As a newcomer to Beijing, Julian looks forward to exploring both the old and new of Beijing and experience all that China has to offer.

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