Friends of Dulwich

Welcome to Friends of Dulwich! As the parent association at Dulwich College Beijing, we aim to build bridges between families, the school, and our wider community and by doing so, enhance the school experience for our children.

All parents automatically become Friends of Dulwich (FoD) members once their child(ren) join Dulwich College Beijing (DCB).

The Friends of Dulwich committee consists of more than 20 volunteers working for our community. Everybody is welcome to join our FoD committee for building a warm, friendly, smart community! Feel free to contact us at 

Julie Zhu
Chair of Friends of Dulwich College Beijing 2022-2023


As parents, we are proud that our children are receiving the best international education at Dulwich College Beijing. But more than that, as part of the DCB community member, you should also know that Friends of Dulwich is a link to connect you and your family with our school.

Strengthening the connection between DCB families and the school is FoD’s most important mission. To achieve this mission, FoD volunteers create opportunities for parents to connect with the College by organising regular events covering multiple topics, including:

  • New Family Orientation Day and Friends Welcome Tea
  • Teacher’s appreciation lunches
  • Parents Representatives
  • Third party staff Chinese New Year appreciation

And many more...

A Colourful Community Life

FoD is a community organization operated by volunteers, enabling everyone to find something they can enjoy among the many community activities and clubs organised by FoD every year.


“Friends of Dulwich is an integral part of the DCB community and culture. At DCB, we believe that education relies on a healthy and strong 'triangle' collectively formed by parents, the school, and students. Our parent community has always been supportive, caring, and positive. They have supported the College and played a crucial role in bringing the community close together on many occasions, from helping with the settling-in of new families to organise community events. They have contributed to community life and, ultimately, student learning in a meaningful and profound way. It is impressive to witness the passion, efforts, and positivity displayed by our parent representatives, volunteers, and each and every one of the DCB parents. We will continue working with Friends of Dulwich and modelling DCB Values in all the activities and aspects of our community life.”


Cecilia Liang

Director of Communications at DCB