5 Educational Pillars for Holistic Development

At Dulwich College Beijing, we believe that ‘students come first’. Therefore, students are placed in the centre of our holistic approach with an emphasis on the growth of each student.

5 key educational pillars - academics, sports, arts, global citizenship, & beyond-class learning

In the model above, five pillars form the holistic educational experience that we deliver to our students. This broad and balanced educational experience empower students to ‘Live Worldwise’. Our mission also asks us to help students grow as global citizens. This directs the educational programmes we offer along with how we help students with their character development.


Students at the Centre

DCB Values: Our community lives our seven DCB values of; resilience, confidence, respect, integrity, responsibility, open-mindedness, and kindness. These values form the foundation of student character and behaviour.

Student agency: We empower students to gain independence, voice and choice within the learning process.

Student wellbeing: We support and mentor the social, emotional development of students. Our wellbeing approaches are informed by experts in the field to ensure everyone feels safe, supported and confident.

Student leadership: Students are able to take on a range of leadership positions across the College, and all students are taught leadership capabilities.

Innovation: Drawing strength from our founding school’s history of philanthropy, pioneering spirit and innovation, our Dulwich Digital Difference (D³) will bring together various digital tools and technical changes in the service of excellent learning and teaching.


Our Holistic Educational Pillars


We offer a broad and rigorous curriculum based on DCB’s learning principles enabling students to acquire, knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills, and attitudes.


We offer a programme that provides experiences in individual and team sports in Junior School leading to ongoing participation and competition in Senior School.

Performing Arts

Our music and drama after-school activities, events and productions provide students with creative experiences beyond the academic Arts programme.

Global Citizenship

Our Global Citizenship definition introduces our ambition to help students grow their personal global citizenship. We define global citizenship as:

Connect, Care, Act: We are on a journey to connect with, care about and act for people and our world.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Students at DCB enjoy a range of after-school and extracurricular activities, competitions, and enrichment opportunities where they can follow their passions. Across a variety of programmes from the ISA-award winning initiative Worldwise Academy to the International Partnership Initiative MOU with the University of Notre Dame, we are supported by our resourceful and committed community to create opportunities for students to explore the continued and real-world learning experience outside of the classroom.

We balance knowledge acquisition with experiential learning, which emphasizes learning through hands-on experiences, real-world activities, and practical application of knowledge, rather than just through traditional classroom instruction and lectures. This approach is designed to engage students actively in the learning process and help them gain a deeper understanding of subjects by directly experiencing and interacting with the material.