Board of Management

The purpose of the Dulwich College Beijing Board of Management is to review and manage the school’s strategic and financial plans, key performance indicators, and material operational management decisions.  The Board of Management is the decision-making body for the College and monitors all aspects of the performance of the College.

The following people are members of the Board of Management:

  • David Fitzgerald: EiM Global Director of Education, International
  • Louisa Lu EiM: Chief Finance Officer
  • Crispian Farrow: Chief Innovation Officer
  • Liz Cleary: EiM Head of HR
  • Vicky Lu: Education Director Bilingual
  • Anthony Coles Dulwich College Beijing Head of College
  • Rob Matheson Dulwich College Beijing Director of Business Administration

Board of Trustees

The primary function of the Board of Trustees is to act as an advisory body with an overview of the activities of the College. It makes recommendations to the Head of College. The Board of Trustees does not function as a final decision-making body, except in cases of appeals of exclusions.

The following people are members of the Board of Trustees:


One representative from Education in Motion:

  • Lesley Meyer: Chief Education Officer


Four independent representatives, who serve a term of two years:

These are usually parents but may include loyal supporters.

The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from among these representatives

  • Jens Hildebrandt
  • Kate Wang
  • Wai Yue Loh
  • Zhen Liu


One representative from Dulwich College 

  • Dr Cameron Pyke: Deputy Master External


The Head of College and the Director of Business Administration,

These are both non-voting members

  • Anthony Coles
  • Rob Matheson


If you have any questions or are interested in a position on the Board of Trustees please email