Guiding Statements

Our guiding statements provide Dulwich College Beijing with the compass in which to base our decision-making and to ensure we remain focused on our students and the broader DCB community. The Vision, Mission and Values underpin a range of policies and form the parameters of our annual College Development Plan.

Our guiding statements include not only our vision, mission & values but also include our commitment to internationalism and global citizenship.

Dulwich Vision


At Dulwich College Beijing, we believe internationalism encompasses respect between everyone in our school and our wider community. We celebrate the diversity that exists within our international community and we aim to contribute to the understanding and mutual respect between our host country of China and the rest of the world. We adhere strongly to our College ethos and values, which allow us to thrive as a community. Internationalism helps us recognize all that we can share, all that we can learn, and all that we can build, together.


Global Citizenship

Everyone in our community – students, staff and parents – is a learner. All our learning supports the belief that we each have a responsibility to ‘build bridges to the world’. In doing so we try to ensure our actions seek the deepest understanding of, and most positive impact on, the circumstances and dignity of our fellow human beings, regardless of who they are or where they are. For us, this is global citizenship in action.