College Development Plan

Every year a reflective process takes place to decide on the next set of strategic priorities for the upcoming academic year. During the process, we review various data points from all the departments across the College, look at the DCB community feedback from the CIS Community Survey, the DCI annual survey, and refer to the Dulwich College International Strategic Priorities. 

DCB’s guiding statements serve as the compass when the College Leadership Team review and decide on the strategic priorities for the year, and DCB’s five pillars of holistic education form the foundation of the College Development Plan.

DCB’s College Development Plan for the academic year of 2022-23 is based around three categories: Learning & Teaching, Global Citizenship, and Wellbeing. DCB is known for striving for excellence and it is these next steps that will drive our next wave of improvement. 

2022-2023 Development Plan
Learning Pathways

Learning & Teaching 

Further evolving from the educational excellence that DCB has built over the previous years, we will continue to integrate our Learning Principles into curriculum planning, the student experience and reflect them in learning environments.

In the academic year of 2022-23, the strategic focus in DCB’s learning and teaching is the Dulwich Digital Difference (D³). While bringing together various digital tools and technical changes, D³ is about using technology in the service of excellent learning and teaching.

The D3 initiative will tap into the full power of technology to truly personalise learning and to enable new learning opportunities. It will deliver a connected learning, teaching and administration experience, by drawing together learning resources, data & analytics and make powerful education tools more accessible than ever before.

The aim is not more technology, but to bring to the life new pedagogies and experiences for all stakeholders. It will reduce the mundane and free up everyone to focus on what really matters. D3 will also give students the freedom to shape their own learning, work at their own pace and deep dive into topics that excite them within the curriculum. Students will be able to better co-create, communicate and collaborate with classmates, teachers and peers throughout our international learning community with ease. D3 will empower our students to learn Worldwise.

D3 is not going to happen overnight. Our academic staff have already started their professional learning journey with D3, as they take the theory into practice. 

Live Worldwise

Global Citizenship  

Global Citizenship is a cornerstone of DCB’s Guiding Statements. Striving for our mission – 'Live Worldwise' – we will entwine Global Citizenship in everything we do. 

In the last academic year, we launched the definition of global citizenship education at DCB, which is ‘Connect / Care / Act - We are on a journey to connect with, care about, and act for people and our world.’

Our curriculum has many opportunities for students to learn about the world, cultures and global issues and we plan to add additional links, but we will also identify ways to infuse Global Citizenship beyond the classroom. A set of competencies and skills will also be created and embedded in our programmes to give students the opportunity to develop their own global citizenship as they move through their years at DCB.  

Community of Learners


Great schools thrive on open communication and positive working relationships between stakeholders. Our staff is committed to reach out, to connect, and to maintain this important home-school partnership. DCB’s award-winning initiative Worldwise Academy is a perfect example of how a healthy home-school partnership will benefit student development. We hope our parent community will also join the workshops under our ‘Parent Academy’ to learn about our philosophy and programmes.

DCB Parent Academy

Beyond parent engagement, we know our students also need to be connected to each other. We are happy to see residentials return this year, as these experiences really consolidate friendships and connections. We will also continue our review of student wellbeing and how best to move forward with positive education approaches.

Finally, a new staff wellbeing framework is being introduced this year. Our staff is incredibly important and we are committed to supporting their wellness and their professional growth.