College Development Plan

Every year a reflective process takes place to decide on the next set of strategic priorities for the upcoming academic year. During the process, we review various data points from all the departments across the College, look at the DCB community feedback from the CIS Community Survey, the DCI annual survey, and refer to the Dulwich College International Strategic Priorities. 

DCB’s guiding statements serve as the compass when the College Leadership Team review and decide on the strategic priorities for the year, and DCB’s five pillars of holistic education form the foundation of the College Development Plan.

DCB’s College Development Plan for the academic year of 2023-24 is based around three categories: Learning & Teaching, Global Citizenship, and Community. DCB is known for striving for excellence and it is these next steps that will drive our next wave of improvement. 

2022-2023 Development Plan
Learning Pathways

Learning & Teaching

We are committed to excellent learning and teaching.

  • We will use educational technology tools to personalise student learning. Students will be able to better co-create, communicate and collaborate with classmates, teachers and peers.
  • We will adopt and apply our new teacher competencies framework to support their work with students.
Live Worldwise

Global Citizenship

We entwine global citizenship in everything we do. GC is a cornerstone of our mission – 'Live Worldwise'.

  • We will embed our new Global Citizenship competencies in our programmes to give students opportunities to develop their own sense of global citizenship.
  • We will partner with experts to develop policy and practices that support Identity, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (IDEA) across the college.
Community of Learners


We support and care for our community.

  • We will pilot a new Student Wellbeing Framework.
  • We will implement a new Staff Wellbeing Framework.
  • We will introduce a new Leadership Capability Framework with all leaders.
  • We will initiate new ways of partnering with our parent community.
  • We will explore new resources and opportunities within the wider community.