Stage of the AI tech expo event

Last month, another edition of the Worldwise Academy (WWA) took place with the AI & Technology Expo. Led by the EdTech Team and the WWA team, the event showcased how AI and Technology is integrated in our curriculum across the schools. 

The event offered parents a window into how DCB is using AI in our teaching and learning, and parents experienced first-hand some of the EdTech our students are using, facilitated by students in DUCKS and Junior School. As Head of DUCKS Tracey shared, “This is another fantastic opportunity for (our students) to develop their confidence and leadership skills, as they demonstrate their learning whilst supporting the parents.” 

And sharing more about this student-facilitated event are our young Junior School journalists-in-the-making, the Dulwich Dudes Magazine Team:

Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today

DCB Tech & AI Expo


By Dulwich Dudes Magazine

Last month, a thrilling event happened. Do you know what it was? Well, let me tell you!

It's called DCB Tech & AI Expo, where students could show parents how they use technology in DCB to learn. As a member of the Dulwich Dudes, we went to the event with the JMITS (Junior Masters in Technology) and Years 1 and 2 Tech Club members. 

Parents, teachers, JMIT Programme students and of course, the WONDERFUL and AMAZING Dulwich Dudes members crowded around the Wodehouse Theatre. Students from our Year 1 and Year 2 Tech Clubs, along with our Junior School JMIT students, demonstrated how to use technology in class to improve learning. Some of the technology that they shared included *Osmo, Minecraft Education, **Microbits and ***Sphero Indi. 

wwa - keynote speakers
student coding
wwa - studnets and parents trying coding

We also had a showcase from Amazon Web Services that showed everyone how to use machine learning to teach cars how to drive themselves in a competition called Deep Racer. To end the event, our Dulwich Dudes Podcast Leads Annie S and Della H gave a beautiful and inspiring talk on why it is so important to include more girls in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities.

"This event is about showing parents how we learn about and with technology at DCB,” Mr Karasik, Director of EdTech & Innovation stated. “I'm enormously proud and thrilled to be here. Our students are very independent and confident.” 

“I'm enjoying and admiring what's happening. Also, the music is incredibly good,” one of the parents said about our Year 7 DJs. 

"This is about our young generation learning tech. I'm so excited and engaged,” added another parent.

DUCKS students learning coding with their teacher
wwa - students and teacher speakers
wwa - students, teachers, student DJs
student playing with robot
wwa - students controlling robots

Our Tech & AI Expo gave our community a hands-on experience of how DCB embeds technology into our learning to provide transformational opportunities for our students. By fostering a lifelong learning mindset that makes innovation possible and develops our Dulwich Values, our students Live WorldWise today, and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Junior School student learning with head of school and teachers
wwa - students learning

*Osmo is an augmented reality device that blends hands-on learning with digital games and apps to help students learn better)

** Designed by the BBC, the micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that helps inspire young children to learn digital skills.

***Designed for children aged 4 and up, the Sphero Indi kit is a set of coloured cards children can use to interact with the educational robot, solve puzzles sand guide it through the mazes they create.  

Dulwich College Beijing has a tradition of innovation inspired by our founding school’s history of philanthropy, pioneering spirit and innovation, and are established leaders in evidence-based educational initiatives. To learn more about how we teach and learn, book a tour to visit us.