DCB and Artron Art Group Forge Partnership to Elevate Art Education

Dulwich College Beijing
Artron and Dulwich Beijing

On 6 May, Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) and the Artron Art Group celebrated a significant milestone with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), represented by the two parties: Mr Wan Jie, the Chairman of Artron Art Group, and Ms Clare Anderson-Au, Head of Senior School at DCB. 

How The Healing Book was produced in its digital and print format

This event marked the beginning of an innovative partnership and in-depth cooperation across various fields, aiming to jointly promote cultural exchange among different nationalities, with a particular focus on advancing art education for young learners. DCB and the Artron Art Group have previously collaborated through the donation of 500 art books and a book exhibit, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

DCB and Artron siging MOU

Ms Anderson-Au expressed her appreciation for the strategic cooperation with the group. 

Clare Anderson-Au
We are excited for our community to get to work with and learn from people who are at the top of their craft, driven by passion and determined to make a difference.
- Clare Anderson-Au, Head of Senior School at DCB

Mr Wan expressed the Artron Art Group’s commitment to promoting the development and innovation of the cultural industry. 

Wan Jie
We are pleased to establish a cooperative relationship with DCB to contribute to nurturing talents with international perspectives and cross-cultural communication abilities.
- Wan Jie, Chairman of Artron Art Group

After the signing of the MOU, "The Healing Book Collection" was unveiled. The book is a collection of stories authored and illustrated by DCB IGCSE students, who elaborated on its contents and then answered questions from our audience. This collection represents a culmination of the creativity and wisdom of the students and the DCB Art Department's efforts, cleverly weaving words and pictures to convey the power of love and hope. The Healing Book Collection was produced by the Artron Art Group. 

From left to right: Natalie H, Carol Q, Ms Clare Anderson-Au, Mr Wan Jie, Elena T From left to right: Natalie H, Carol Q, Ms Clare Anderson-Au, Mr Wan Jie, Elena T
"The Healing Book Collection"

The successful hosting of this event not only deepens the cooperation between DCB and the Artron Art Group, but also injects new vitality into creating a bridge between cultures. We look forward to fostering a dynamic platform for mutual understanding as well as educational and artistic exchange.

"The Healing Book Collection"
"The Healing Book Collection"
Students and parents reading the books from "The Healing Book Collection"
DCB and Artron