Pink for a Purpose: DCB Shows Support in Cancer Awareness Drive

Dulwich College Beijing

Every October, a wave of pink engulfs the Dulwich College Beijing campus for a week, accompanied by a splash of activities and events aimed at showing our support and solidarity for those diagnosed with or who are battling breast cancer, a disease that affects over 2.3 million people worldwide. Pink ribbons are widely recognised as a symbol of breast cancer awareness.

This year, we’ve expanded this annual tradition to demonstrate our support not just for those affected by this disease but for all affected by cancer. Throughout the month, we’re shining a spotlight on health awareness as well as fostering empathy for those around us. After all, you never know who might be affected by this illness – whether as a victim or as a loved one. As was shared in one of our assemblies, “one out of three people is affected by cancer. That’s how common this is.”   

Scattered across the campus were a variety of age-appropriate activities. Our young DUCKS focused on SDG 3: Good Health & Wellbeing, engaging in a blend of mindfulness and physical activities. Meanwhile, our Junior School and Senior School students raised funds through a variety of activities, including the annual Sponge-a-Teacher event, Free Dress Friday, and more. 

Funds raised will all go to United Family Health (UFH) Foundation's Wheels for Life. Wheels for Life is a mobile clinic programme staffed by UFH doctors and nurses that offers free healthcare services to the community-based population and vulnerable groups including orphaned children, migrant families and those in need. Their programme also provides ultrasounds, breast screening, HPV screening and more. 

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of The Interact Club – DCB’s largest social impact group – as well as the many teachers who came out to support this important cause. Here are some highlights of our Pink Week: 

Junior School Junior School
Senior School Senior School