Anything Goes in Photos

For some time now, there has been a buzz of excitement in DCB about the forthcoming school musical, Cole Porter's 'Anything Goes'. Now we know why - what a production! From the stage set, the music, the dancing, the acting, the risqué word play, the exuberance and the confidence, this was a musical of the highest quality. The cast absolutely thrilled us from the start and the audience was enraptured. Ms. Davies' direction, Ms. Dodington's choreography and Mr. West's musical direction proved an irresistible mix, along with the sheer joy and teamwork from the students involved. Aaron L, Akriti P, Claire D, Max C, Samuel C, Ashley P, Matthew C, Tiare H, Isabelle C and Felix B, along with all other actors, the ensemble cast and the band, rehearsed for months to make this show such a success! Congratulations to all!