GC Champs: DCB Senior School’s Student-Led Movement for Change

Cat Ho

Our Generation Z’s are faced with many challenges - whether these be environmental, economic, social and political. This is why Global Citizenship Education (GCE) has become so urgent and pertinent as it plays an important role in preparing and nurturing this generation for the many ways they will face and solve these challenges.

Global Goals statement wall

At Senior School, our GC Champs Federation is one way of bringing together students and their particular passions to wrestle with what being a Global Citizen means in our community and beyond. Student leaders of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) related ECAs meet to share and to work together to mobilize our community towards greater understanding and action towards these SDGs while at the same time grappling with the complexities and interdependence that are characteristic of 21st-century challenges. 

GC Champs Federation

Our GC Champs Federation is comprised of the following ECAs, or Extracurricular Activities:


The Global Goals Club is the largest student-led group in the school that commits to promoting sustainable living and global goals. Through teaspoons of change, the Global Goals Club aims to inspire and empower the community to be the changing force that will help build a better world by 2030.

House Garbage Sorting Competition organized by the Global Goals ECA

The Activism Club organises events and workshops that revolve around difficult yet important issues such as race, gender, and sexuality. Together, they attempt to enact solutions that promotes a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

Members of the Activism ECA Members of the Activism ECA

The Ocean Pandas Club aims to raise awareness and discuss solutions to challenges to marine life, such as endangered species, coral bleaching issues, and much more. The club also organises trips to Qinzhou and is also deeply involved with a scientific research team there, which they have been helping raise funds for and supply with new technical items.

Ocean pandas club

The DCB Econossentials is a student-led society dedicated to promoting economic interest and literacy, inviting all discussions regarding real-world economic affairs, as well as producing monthly school-wise journals analyzing the hidden economics within the DCB community and beyond. Our ECA holds inclusive economic group discussions open to all knowledge levels, lectures where we introduce new economic ideas, and collaborate on The Monthly Econossentials Journals.

Econossentials group photo Econossentials group photo

Menstruation accompanies the youth and growth of every girl. Due to menstrual poverty and menstrual shame, many physical and psychological problems arise that severely impact the healthy growth of a woman. Women’s Health Menstruation (WHM) tackles the issue of period poverty by providing free online menstruation knowledge for young teenage girls, raising funds through advertisements and by using the profit of selling cultural ornaments to donate sanitary products in rural areas within China.

Members of WHM Members of WHM

Project zero aims to recycle HDPE (Type 2) and PP (Type 5) plastics and remould it into useful products for school.

DCB Senior School's GC Champs Federation is not just shaping students into Global Citizens but actively transforming our community. From promoting sustainability to tackling issues of diversity, marine life, economic literacy, women's health, and recycling, these students are making a tangible impact. These students are not just learning about global citizenship but actively deepening their understanding of these issues while practising ways to be part of the solution.

Over time, we believe these seeds will germinate in deeper and wider ways as our school community grasp more fully what Global Citizenship means in our context and as students graduate to bring their growing identity as Global Citizens into the world. Together, let's foster a community that understands the true essence of Global Citizenship and actively contributes to positive change.