Project (ZERO) – Connecting Through Culture & Environment

Andrew Walton
Design Teacher & Senior School Sustainability Coordinator
Frame: four great inventions of China

Text by Michelle W (Y11), images by Andrew Walton


This frame was presented to the Chinese Department at Dulwich College Beijing as an example of work which lives in the present, respects the past and honours the future. Frames like this made entirely from wood would traditionally have been used to shutter windows or divide spaces. In modern times, such frames become stylised means to mount artwork. Made from old and revitalised materials, the piece is both functional and aesthetic. Could this be part of a new tradition as we move towards a more sustainable future?

The outside of the frame is made from the offcuts of lumber from a previous project here at school, the centre of the frame is made out of #2 High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) plastics gathered from staff and students and recycled on campus by the ECA Project (ZERO). Project (ZERO) collects used types #2 and #5 plastics from students and teachers and recycles them into new products.

The making process

The images and text represent the four great inventions of China: papermaking, the compass, gun powder, and printing.