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Lauren Evans


Lauren was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and spent her childhood surrounded by nature and culture. Trained in Early Childhood Education, Lauren spread her wings to travel the world, which took her to 7 different countries where she has lived and worked. Having attained a Bachelor of Arts and Humanities in Ireland, Lauren worked extensively within the area of Special Education. In 2007, she took up a teaching position in Dubai where she has gained 7 years of experience teaching the IB curriculum. The transition to Southeast Asia in 2014 saw Lauren join the Dulwich family as a founding member of the Singapore flagship school. Returning to the UK enabled Lauren to fully immerse herself in the British Curriculum and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Devon. Having gained over 20 years’ experience of international teaching across Early Childhood education, KS1 and LKS2, her passion remains firm about devising and delivering interesting, creative lessons, which inspire the children and foster a love of learning. 

When Lauren is not teaching, she loves being in the water, whether that be swimming, scuba diving or trying out a new water sport. She also enjoys travel, being outdoors and trying new culinary dishes. Lauren is excited to embrace her new experience in Beijing and to be a part of the new school community!

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