Stephanie Waltho photo

Stephanie Waltho

Teacher of Junior School

Stephanie Waltho grew up in Saudi Arabia with her family and then moved to South Africa, where she later graduated from The University of Cape Town. She majored in English Literature, Sociology, and Business Management. She then furthered her studies and received her PGCE from the University of Nottingham, followed by her QTS.  Since graduating, Ms Waltho has lived and worked as a homeroom teacher in Oman, England and China. She has taught all year groups - Reception to Year 6. Ms Waltho worked in Beijing as a homeroom teacher and grade-level leader for the past five years and looks forward to joining DCB.

Outside of school, Ms Waltho loves going on adventures with her family and dog, learning and performing hula dance, and eating way too many dumplings on the weekends. 

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