Edrie Chau photo

Edrie Chau

School Social Emotional Counsellor

Ms Chau is from Hong Kong. She was awarded a Doctorate in Psychology, a Master of Counselling and a Master of Business Administration. She has accreditations as a Registered Counsellor, a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, a Certified Behavioural Consultant, a Certified Psychological Consultant (Senior), a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Registered Personal (Development) Coach, and a Certified Practitioner of Play Therapy. She has built a successful practice in Schools and Wellness Centres. She takes a humanistic and holistic approach to better facilitate the attainment of whole-body wellness and further improve a sense of physical, mental and spiritual wellness, and satisfaction. She aims to guide and facilitate students to have a better and meaningful life – “be here and now, and enjoy every single moment”.

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