Jason Booth photo

Jason Booth

Senior School Teacher of Maths

Jason Booth is a Mathematics Teacher from Plymouth, in the south of England. He has been teaching for just over 10 years in a variety of schools. His teaching experience has mostly been focused on teaching Y7 to Y13, GCSE's and A level qualifications. Jason has been teaching in China for the past 2 years, working as the Head of Department at an International School in Haikou.   

Outside of teaching his subject Jason is passionate about extra-curricular activities and have run many different clubs and activities at previous schools including Math competitions, a cryptography club and a Navy Cadet Unit. Recently he has also been teaching students here in China how to Land Surf!  

Jason moves to Beijing for its rich history and architecture. He has a passion for aerial photography and look forward to capturing the city from a different view. Due to his experience working with the Royal Navy in England, Jason is also an experienced dinghy sailor and has expanded his water-based activities to include surfing, kite-surfing and paddleboarding. Hainan has been a great location to continue these but he wants to learn to ski and snowboard and moving to Beijing gives him some great opportunities to learn a new skill, which perhaps he can then share with our students in the future.   

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