Online Learning

The COVID-19 outbreak has closed school campuses all over the world and propelled students and teachers to interact in a digital environment.

This page aims to provide insight into online learning at Dulwich College Beijing. You will find tips and resources for parents and students as well as for educators around the world who are adapting to this method of teaching.

You will also see how our community is staying connected in the cloud, reinventing what it means to be together.

Online Learning Guide for Parents

Online learning is a new experience for many of our parents so we curated some useful resources to help you during this transition. 

Online Learning Guide for Senior School Students

How to break bad ELearning habits and tips for effective eLearning for Senior School students.

What Online Learning Looks Like at DCB

DCB teachers use many different tools and platforms with an emphasis on face and voice to keep a close eye on the progress of each and every student.

Not Alone: Connecting & Supporting the Community

From Early Years to Junior School to Senior School, live sessions are being offered in DCB’s virtual classrooms. But we’re doing more to create a sense of belonging and engagement. Senior School, for example, has Wellbeing Teams pages for each Key Stage. Junior School and Early Years hold virtual assemblies. 

The Dulwich Perspective on Online Learning

We are all learning together how best to work online, continuously improving how to deliver the core learning principles so that students continue to receive an excellent Dulwich education.

How our Family of Schools is Connecting

Understanding that many of our parents and students are facing new challenges during this time, DCIconnect is an effort to connect our family of schools and offer support to our community.