2017 HighFour Science and Maths Competition

16 DCB students from Year 8-11 participated in the HighFour Science and Maths competition in Shanghai last weekend. It was a very successful and rewarding competition and our students  have managed to bring back some amazing prizes, including the Championship Cup 2017 for the highest scoring school! Congratulations  to all!  Please see highlights of results below:


Outstanding Scientists

1st place - George Z (Y10)

2nd place - Daphne K (Y11)


Outstanding Mathematicians

1st place - Michael H (Y10)

2nd place - Mark L (Y10)


Best Team Overall

1st place - Daphne K (Y11), Yi Ching H (Y11), George Z (Y10), Rosie D (Y11)

2nd place - Michael H (Y10), Mark L (Y10), Richard H (Y10), Jason L (Y10)


Highest scoring school (Championship Cup 2017)

Dulwich College Beijing