Congratulations Class of 2019!

DCB Graduation - class of 2019 hat throwing

Well done to the 10th graduating class of Dulwich College Beijing!

DCB celebrated the achievements of this exceptional cohort over two days. First, students, family, and staff enjoyed a splendid evening of festivities organised by parents. Then on Graduation Day, the graduands paraded through the cheering school before officially concluding their DCB journey with a ceremony.

DCB 2019 Graduation Dinner
DCB 2019 Graduation Parade

The speeches, the performances, and the videos provided many hilarious, sentimental, and entertaining moments, with some of the wisest words coming from members of the graduating class as recounted by Head of Senior School Mr Hawkins:

“A good leader should never take credit for anything because a good leader didn’t do anything. The implication being that good leader will inspire and motivate others to do things and should allow them to take the credit.”


“We often talk about ‘doing what you enjoy’ but what we need to do more of is ‘enjoy what we do’.”

DCB 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Headmaster Mr Herbert probed the graduates to think about the different ways in which the elusive concept of success can be interpreted. His reminder to the class:

“We want you to keep broadening and deepening your knowledge, listening to others and adapting your opinion, not arriving in the world of work with prejudice and a fixed mindset. If DCB has done its job, supported so well by your parents, this will be one message that you take with you: keep learning and showing curiosity in life.”

DCB 2019 Graduation - moments

So, congratulations Class of 2019! You have not only survived IB, but along the way, have given far more to the DCB community than you have taken from it. Your spirit of support and collaboration has permeated throughout the College, and we will miss you!  

DCB 2019 Graduation - students on campus
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