We’ll Miss You, Mr & Mrs Hawkins!

Mr and Mrs Hawkins

On 19 June, Senior School students surprised Head of Senior School Mr Hawkins and Head of Key Stage 3 Mrs Hawkins with a farewell assembly complete with speeches, videos, musical interludes, and even a Mr and Mrs game that brought the house down laughing! Students from Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 reminisced about how Mr and Mrs Hawkins were so caring of student pursuits and passions. They agreed that the positive impact these two teachers have had on their lives will still be felt long after they graduate from DCB. 

Senior School Assembly for Mr and Mrs Hawkins

Headmaster Mr Herbert said:

''It was my great pleasure today to give the closing words at an assembly organised by Senior School students in honour of Mr and Mrs Hawkins. Student leadership and taking responsibility have been themes pushed by the Hawkins throughout their time here. Both Mr and Mrs Hawkins have taken the notion of ‘Students Come First’, the backbone of so much we do at DCB, very seriously indeed. They have encouraged students to take responsibility and have helped so many current and past students to gain confidence and become mature and caring young adults. Key Stage 3 and the Senior School have been in very safe hands, and the Senior School has developed considerably thanks to the enormous care and dedication of both Mr and Mrs Hawkins. I know that all their colleagues and friends wish them the very best for their next move, and I thank them for their huge service to DCB.''

Mr Hawkins, Mrs Hawkins and Mr Herbert

And so, to Mr and Mrs Hawkins: Xiè xiè nǐ for 10 amazing years of dedication at DCB; you have played a major role in shaping the College to the caring place that it is. Good luck in Zimbabwe and don't forget to write!