Observing Wildlife on Campus – DCB Teacher Wins Pioneering Spirit Grant

DCB Early Years teacher Liam Benjamin

For his fascinating idea to enhance student learning experience, our Early Years teacher Liam Benjamin has won a prestigious Pioneering Spirit Grant – one of seven across the DCI group. 

The initiative involves installing cameras and bird boxes around the school as Beijing is a prime migratory stop for some rare birds. Mr Benjamin explains:

We share this planet with many different creatures. It is important to establish a balance that allows wildlife to thrive in an urban environment. This project aims to help students understand the needs and requirements of local wildlife, using technology in a way that provides a rarely seen glimpse into the local habits of the creatures that share our campus.

By installing feeding and nesting areas into the school grounds, we will not only encourage wildlife, but equally allow them to establish homes in controlled, observable conditions, thereby extending the curriculum into further real-world situations.

Students have many links with the outside world throughout their time at Dulwich College Beijing. Our campus is beautiful and a welcoming home for many visiting birds and other forms of wildlife. Links with the curriculum work to help students explore and understand the world around them.

Congratulations, and we all look forward to observing wildlife at DCB!


Pioneering Spirit Grant is an initiative at Dulwich College International that provides a total of 1.5 million RMB for individual teachers or collaborative groups to fund innovative ideas to improve students’ learning experiences. All teachers and staff from across the network can participate by submitting Pioneering Spirit grant proposals to develop pedagogy, curriculum and/or learning environments that utilise new technologies, delivery methods or tools to contribute to student success. Dulwich College International seeks to champion a culture of innovation by promoting, fostering and recognising innovative approaches to learning through the use of technology – approaches that ultimately put students first, encourage collaborative development and promote the belief in our One College, Many Campuses philosophy.