Season 3 Sports Highlights

Blood, sweat, mixed with joy and tears – that's just the way the ball bounces! DCB had a successful Season 3 of sports. There were some nail-biting minutes leading to jubilation, and other moments that did not win a trophy but pride and friendship.

Here are some highlights of the season. Detailed stories can be found in the past few issues of the Senior School newsletter.

DCB sport teams season 3 2019


  • Boys Singles – Ruige K (Year 11), ISAC 2019 Bronze Medal
  • Boys Doubles – Ruige K and Mark L (Year 11), ISAC 2019 Bronze Medal
  • Mixed Doubles – Evelyn L and Mark L (Year 13 & Year 11), ACAMIS 2019 Gold Medal
  • Mixed Doubles – Guan Rong T and Kathleen W (Year 10 & Year 11), ACAMIS 2019 Gold Medal
DCB badminton season 3 2019

ISAC Basketball

  • U12 Girls – ISAC champions
  • U13 Girls – 3rd place and sportsmanship winner
  • U14 Girls – 2nd place
  • U12 Boys – 2nd place
  • U13 Boys – Did not advance beyond group stage
  • U14 Boys – ISAC champions
DCB basketball season 3 2019

ISAC U14 Tennis Tournament

  • 1st  Eric L and Zong Xu S (Year 8)
  • 2nd Oliver B and Junyi L (Year 7)
  • 5th  William W and Eric A (Year 8)
  • 9th  Harry K and William L (Year 9)
  • 11th Aiden S (Year 8) and Yuzuki O (Year 7)
ISAC U14 Boys Doubles Tennis Tournament


  • Varsity Girls – Undefeated in ISAC league season but were unable to compete in the final tournament, ACAMIS 4th
  • JV Boys – ISAC 4th overall
  • Varsity Boys – ISAC 2nd, ACAMIS 3rd
DCB football season 3 2019

ISAC = International Schools Athletics Conference

ACAMIS = Association of China and Mongolia International Schools