Dulwich College Beijing 2020-2021 Guiding Statements report

Dulwich College Beijing (DCB) is widely recognised as one of the leading international schools in Beijing. The College was founded in 2005 and during the past academic year of 2021 our 15th anniversary was celebrated. In the past fifteen years, DCB has achieved stellar development and provided countless moments that are cherished by every member of the community. As of today, we have 1,565 students on the campus, educated and supported by a total of over three hundred teachers and staff members.

When we monitor and evaluate our success in the past years, we look at the fulfilment of the DCB Guiding Statements, our compass that defines and guides the College’s purpose, direction, and decision-making. The Guiding Statements ensure that we put our students at the centre of everything we do while accommodating the needs of the broader community.

Annually, the College Leadership Team (CLT) gathers data from various inputs to decide on the next College Development Plan. The collection of data provides real and objective evidence that DCB is indeed achieving what it aims to accomplish. In this DCB Annual Report of Guiding Statements Evaluation, you will read the performance measures that track the progress of the College, assessed from the below five guiding questions:

  • How effective in practice are the Guiding Statements of the College?
  • What criteria will be used to focus the inquiry?
  • What instruments will assist in measuring our Guiding Statements?
  • What evidence can be collected that demonstrates success and identifies areas for improvement?
  • What markers can be established to stabilize future achievements?

With this annual report, we aim at aligning every community member’s attention, goals, and resource expenditure to fulfill DCB Guiding Statements and ultimately continue to provide an excellent learning experience to our students. Click the report below to learn more about the areas of excellence and those requiring further attention.