7 Dulwich Schools x 3 Days of Shakespeare = 1 Brilliant Festival

The Dulwich Shakespeare Festival 2018 has been spectacular this year, with exceptional practitioners, and energetic, creative students tackling Shakespeare plots and characters in an array of workshops. Each night, Dulwich schools performed their interpretations of a Shakespeare play. The quality of the performances just keeps getting better year on year and were truly a joy to watch, with such varied styles and approaches used to hook the audience in. It has been a pleasure hosting this year and the DCB students have made us incredibly proud, welcoming and attending to our visitors so hospitably. We are already looking forward to 2019 in Singapore!


‘Much Ado About Nothing’ 

by Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


'Game of Hearts' 

by Dulwich College Beijing


‘The Arrival’ 

by Dulwich College Beijing


'To Love or Not to Love' 

by Dulwich College Zhuhai


'Romeo and Juliet'

by Dehong Chinese International School


'What's Past Is Prologue' 

by Dulwich College Seoul


‘Julius Caesar’ 

by Dulwich College Beijing



by Dulwich International High School Suzhou