ACAMIS Learning Service Grant for DCB Student

Dulwich College Beijing  has been presented with a prestigious ACAMIS Learning Service Grant, thanks to the initiative of our Head Girl, Yi Wen L (Year 12). Her proposal was to help those less fortunate, through the medium of debate.  ACAMIS has provided 1500 US dollars to support this project  and the College received a commendation at the recent ACAMIS Leadership Conference. Congratulations, Yi Wen!  We look forward to watching this project develop over the next year. 


Yi Wen commented after receiving the award:


'It is a huge honour to receive ACAMIS's support for this start-up project. 


At a school like Dulwich, where service and debating are truly woven into the fabric of our curriculum, I was inspired to bridge these two activities together.   I put forward a “Charity Debate Competition” proposal,  thinking that in any service, true action begins with discussion and debate.  It is through voicing out opinions and exchanging ideas on different issues that students begin to take their first steps towards long-term service.   This project is aimed to raise awareness about local charities, make charity fundraising personal and inspire long-term service action through debate and collaboration.


 The first competition is planned to take part in early 2019, and will involve students from DCB along with other international schools. Participants will debate motions based off charity issues, and guest speakers from five local charities will be invited to present to students. After this knock-off debate competition, the finalists will be able to choose which of the five charities to donate to, hence making the act of fundraising more personal and engaging. 

The rest of the proceeds will then be split up amongst the other three charities. Through this project, we hope to make fundraising more tangible and have a larger community outreach. '


Association of China and Mongolia International Schools ( ACAMIS) consists of 76 member schools. ACAMIS Service Learning Grants have been established to provide financial support for student initiatives in service learning in China and Mongolia.