Amazing IGCSE Results

Congratulations to our Year 11 cohort who have just received their IGCSE results. Our Year 11 Class of 2017 achieved a remarkable 74% of all grades are A*or A with 65% of the students achieving an A average or higher.


Here are few highlights:


101 Year 11 students completed 996 IGCSE courses with an amazing 48% of all grades A*s.

58 students completed Triple Award Science and 100% of grades were A or A*, in Physics these students obtained 54 A*s and 4 As, in Biology 55 A*s and 3 As and in Chemistry 56 A*s and 2 As.

30 students completed Additional Mathematics, 93% obtained an A or better with an unprecedented 17 A*s

In Extended Mathematics, 85% of students obtained an A or A* with 66% of students getting an A*.

In English Literature, 72% of students obtained an A or A*.

In both Mandarin First and Mandarin Foreign Language, 86% of students obtained an A or A*.

In History 88% of students obtained an A or A*.

3 DCB students obtained 11 out of 11 A*s, 3 DCB students obtained 10A*s and 1A and 1 DCB student obtained 10 A*s out of 10 subjects. 


Headmaster of Dulwich College Beijing, Simon Herbert commented: ‘We are delighted by another fine year of IGCSE results from our students, who have been superbly taught and supported by their teachers. Thanks to their commitment to sport, music, art, drama, service and leadership, our students have learnt how to time manage and to find space for creative thought and relaxation, which are key to successful academic results. Well done to all.'