What Does Flying Paper Plane Have in Common w/Flipping Pancakes?

(Hint: you have to watch the videos to find out!) 

Are you feeling lost and disconnected?

We probably all are, to some extent, during this prolonged period of online learning, away from the company of our schoolmates, teachers, and colleagues. 

Connectedness, however, is crucial to learning. Recent research by the University of Melbourne outlines a four-factor model in which attendance leads to belonging, which leads to engagement, and ultimately, to flow, a most productive state of learning. 

So how do we create a sense of belonging and engagement during this time of remote learning?

From Early Years to Junior School to Senior School, live sessions are being offered in DCB’s virtual classrooms. But we’re doing more. Senior School, for example, has Wellbeing Teams pages for each Key Stage. Junior School and Early Years hold virtual assemblies. 

Here is an example of how a Year 13 form is connecting to each other:

Yay 13 SLA!

And an example of how the Junior School community is connecting:

How are you maintaining a sense of connectedness?