Hear from the Dulwich College Beijing alumni | Bryan CHIEW

Dulwich College Beijing AMC

We are happy to introduce a new series of interviews highlighting our International Old Alleynians, or IOA in short, namely, our Dulwich College Beijing alumni. Their childhood and teenage years at DCB behind them, they were happy to share fond memories of DCB and tell us about their journey since then.



DCB Class of 2016

University: Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Major in Public Policy and Global Affairs

Concurrently interning at Grab, as a Regional Public Affairs (Strategy and Policy) intern


1. Your role in the Worldwise Alumni Advisory Board:

After returning to Singapore, I wanted to stay connected with my Dulwich peers. So I emailed DCB to enquire about the potential existence of an alumni network. I ended up meeting senior members of the now EiM group in their Singapore office. We agreed there was a need to connect our alumni.

I’m now working with fellow alumni to create a structure and representation that allows alumni to leverage our Dulwich network to re-connect and build new bridges across our worldwide network. 

Being part of the Worldwide Alumni Network helps graduates, both on the social and professional levels. It provides opportunities to stay socially connected with friends or make new ones, adjusting to changes and understanding one’s own identity. On the professional front, meeting new people with similar experiences can open new doors and even help to find mentors.


2. A memorable experience or moment from your DCB years:

My favourite memory from DCB will always be the camaraderie not just only between students but also with the larger school community like teachers and parents. I always remember the staff vs student football matches that we used to have every year. Having these more fun and personal experiences outside of the classroom always made Dulwich feel so much more like a home away from home. 


Bryan at DCB


3. How has DCB prepared you for your college, and then adult life?

One thing I realized after graduation was that I was never afraid to try something new, eventually fail and try again, no matter whether that was at work or at school. I believe the focus that DCB has always placed on applying what we learnt and being global citizens is now ingrained in my DNA.


Recent photo of Bryan with the President of NTU


4. One thing you would advise our current DCB students:

Make the most of your time at DCB by joining or starting ECAs. Whenever I think back on my time in Dulwich, not only did it help me grow so much as a person, but doing projects and going to competitions was always my favourite memories with my friends. Being a Prefect, leading the Interact Club, playing football, swimming…. I’ve learned so much about interacting and working with people from different countries, cultures and perspectives and that’s something I always believe is unique. 


5. Please choose a word from each pair that describes you best:

  1. coffee/tea: Tea. 
  2. cat/dog: Dog! I have a pet dog! She’s a toy poodle, we got her in Beijing and she’s still with me today 
  3. steak/salad: Steak! Got to have proteins.
  4. 798/Great Wall: Great Wall! It was the first thing I did when I first got to Beijing. It was the beginning of a new journey and many new memories. Beijing will always be part of my identity and I believe it massively shaped the way I think and view the world.