Senior School students Publish Sustainability Mag Forestcast

Dulwich College Beijing

Dulwich College Beijing is founded with the vision for our students to Live Worldwise, which has empowered many of our students to start their own projects to promote subjects and topics close to their hearts that they hope can make a positive difference in our community.

We are proud to share that several of our DCB students have just published their first issue of Forestcast, a student-led non-profit sustainability magazine focused on environmental protection aimed at engaging students and the wider community to be more involved in spreading environmental awareness through engaging stories and visual pieces.    

Here is an introduction from the founders:

DCB magazine Forecast

Forestcast was first founded by students Lily L and Tiffany L, in their attempts to turn their love for the environment into something creative, and a student-friendly way of raising awareness of the issues happening around the world. As an environmental creative journalism project as well as a new student magazine, it aimed to bring together what really mattered, and to spread the idea to others.

However, as a completely student-dependent magazine, and due to unfortunate circumstances, it suffered many delays and pushbacks, unable to be published… until now!

Continued in 2022 by Suah R from Y12, and including both old and new members Lily L and Elise S, Forestcast has returned to spread the word about the environment and to create a closeness with Mother Nature that has never been felt before.

DCB magazine Forecast

Each issue includes a main theme, several articles, and other interesting bits and pieces. The main theme for the first issue is “Water, water, everywhere…”, dealing with issues concerning water bodies and the organisms within. The articles are all written by individual students, whose ages range from KS3 all the way to IBDP students.

And that’s not all, as interesting parts are included within—such as the crossword on page 5 and photographs provided by Mr Deshpande of the Biology department. The design and colour schemes, furthermore, were all provided by students as well.

DCB magazine Forecast

But most important of all, something that should not be forgotten is the information that Forestcast provides us. While each theme will be separate and each article will be discussing different problems, it is important to understand that all of these issues are interlinked and that it is a problem worth publishing—a problem we cannot ignore.

DCB magazine Forecast

Even this small community magazine, created by the combined efforts of students, can be a teaspoon of change in a large society. Thus, we hope students, teachers, and parents alike will take care to the first edition out of what will, hopefully, be many more.

Enjoy the first issue!