DCB Senior School student podcast hosts Head of College Mr Anthony Coles

Sofia S
Dulwich College Beijing student

Podcasts are beginning to be more popularised in the media world as they conveniently enable people to multitask while getting to know the world a bit more. Sofia S, a Dulwich College Beijing Senior School student launched her podcast project from the start of this academic year. The podcast is named DCB Weekly and Sofia uploads an episode each week with various topics. She invites different students and teachers to talk about current school event updates and reflections, their hobbies, service opportunities and more!

Recently, DCB Senior School Head of Student Wellbeing (KS4/5) Mr Hurworth and Sofia have begun a brand-new series called “Personal best”. They plan to interview selective students and teachers to give tips, background knowledge and personal achievements of their own personal best. As their first guest, they have invited DCB Head of College Mr Anthony Coles to speak about his achievements and journey leading him to be DCB Head of College. Mr Coles explored many directions while explaining why he thinks there are many criteria to success, including collaboration, communication and respect.

Enjoy the episode! We can’t wait to share more in the future.


DCB Weekly | Episode 15 | Mr Anthony Coles