DIMUN XII: A Perpetual Pendulum

Brian L and Victoria H
Secretaries-General of DIMUN XII

Over 130 delegates from 11 schools, including around 20 DCB delegates, met virtually and attended the annual DCB-inspired debating event of Dulwich International Model United Nations, DIMUN XII, between 18 and 20 March 2022.

Throughout the weekend, a total of over 50 students from our College were involved with participating in or facilitating the conference, expanding their outreach to a myriad of pressing and eye-opening issues ranging from the situation in Afghanistan, the global energy shortage, as well as assessing how artificial intelligence could potentially become an unsafe tool.

This year, the conference was themed by the statement: A Perpetual Pendulum. Ranging from global humanitarian crises, long-term military conflicts, to even recent contentions induced by the COVID-19 outbreak, there exists an interminable trend by which pressing concerns are habitually overlooked because of a misleading impression of non-violence. A strong force or provocation lingers on either side of the global pendulum, and it is only when the aftermath is visualised on the farther end that we begin to pledge our least amount of accountability for a world we have already devastated.


With the hope to understand and address this phenomenon, this theme was devised and launched by the executive team comprising Brian L, Eva C, Victoria H, and Zion K, under the guidance and support of Mr Royters and Ms Tomaszun. Throughout the conference and all procedures in preparation for it, despite the imminent challenges of working between an online and hybrid possibility, the event, on the whole, was executed smoothly and successfully, once again bringing together our entire DCB Senior School community in an event that trained students to reaffirm their knowledge of current affairs, and thereby enhance their outlook as prospering global citizens.

Special congratulations to Sissi S (USA, GA1), Lian C (USA, ENV) and Olivia K (USA, SC), who were awarded the most improved, passionate and diplomatic delegate awards, respectively.