House Esports 2022

Jared Rigby
Learning Technology Coach

The students took part in Dulwich College Beijing’s first-ever House Esports competition earlier last month. Students competed in teams of three against each other in a popular game called Rocket League, which has a large community of professional players all over the world. Whilst the professionals compete for multimillion-dollar prize pools, here at DCB, something much more important was on the line – House points!

After a morning of intense competition, Johnson House emerged victorious, led by their platinum ranked captain Bruno F in Year 10. Congratulations to all teams who took part, members of the Esports ECA and I hope to make this a regular fixture in next year’s House calendar.

DCB House Esports 2022

Congratulations, Johnson House, winners of Esports 2022!!

Let’s learn what our winning team thought about their first Esports experience!

This event came as a surprise to all of us! We had never played before, one of us had stopped for a while, and another player had started playing more recently. This allowed us to find others with a similar passion, and we have now decided to play more often together during our free time to represent the school in future Rocket League tournaments. We met people we would never have met otherwise and spent time together participating in this team sport, even recently, as we couldn’t go outside much due to the pandemic. We believe Rocket League is an amazing game! It is much more than just precise keypresses. Once people learn to master the basic controls, Rocket League becomes a game that depends immensely on your mind: you need to get into what we like to call the "flow state," where you can take decisions without hesitation and with no influence from emotions. For instance, while we were playing, our game was broadcast live, but it was essential for us not to be nervous to prevent accidental keypresses, shaking hands, or overcommitting into a play. Rocket League relies heavily on team play and coordination, which means you have to really get to know your teammates. You only have three players on the pitch, so you are likely to get scored on if one person makes a mistake or is out of place. Therefore, you really get to know your teammates and build connections with them as you play.

Bruno F, Noah M, Thomas M