Online Learning in the Early Years at Dulwich College Beijing

At DCB Early Years, we are very proud of how we have adapted our child-centred and child-initiated campus-based curriculum to an online version.

With constant feedback from the children, parents and staff, we have continually enhanced our e-learning provision and responded to rapidly changing circumstances. With creativity, innovation, clear objectives, and an eye for wellbeing, the programmes we have designed are able to provide the Dulwich Difference to both families and staff, wherever they are in the world!

What drives our curriculum at DCB is our learning principles. All learning should:

  • Have a clear purpose
  • Be adapted and applied
  • Be personalised
  • Be relational

These principles allow the children to learn more effectively and meaningfully, and they are embedded in our online learning. Seesaw activities, live sessions, 1:1 calls, assemblies, physical exercises, special themes and many elements of the week make up our digital school environment.

The videos below will give you a flavour and snapshot of what online learning is like at DCB Early Years.

Learning is Purposeful

Learning is Adapted and Applied

Learning is Personalised

Learning is Relational

Online Learning Principles