Navigating Selective College Admissions: Expert Perspectives from Dr Dodge

Dulwich College Beijing
Dr Grace Cheng Dodge

On Tuesday 16 April, DCB welcomed Dr Grace Cheng Dodge, a highly respected figure in the field of education known for her expertise as a school administrator, college counsellor, and admissions professional. She was also the Head of School of the Taipei American School, the former Director of Admissions at Wellesley College (Wellesley, MA, USA) and prior to that, was an Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard College (Cambridge, MA, USA).  

With a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge in the selective admissions process of colleges and universities in the United States, Dr Dodge provided insights into the US college system, shared admissions trends and priorities, and offered valuable perspectives on the admissions processes of selective institutions in the US. Throughout her engaging discussion, Dr Dodge shared anecdotes and practical tips from her extensive career, enriching our community’s understanding of the nuanced criteria that top-tier institutions seek in prospective students. Her emphasis on holistic student development resonated deeply with attendees, inspiring a renewed commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in competitive academic environments.

We extend our gratitude to Dr Dodge for her time, and we look forward to continuing our educational journey guided by informed perspectives.