Congratulations, DCB Class of 2022!

Dulwich College Beijing

Last week saw the Dulwich College Beijing graduating Class of 2022 formally closing a chapter of their academic education and transitioning into adulthood.

Class of 2022 graduation group photo

The Class of 2022 have faced many challenges and constant uncertainty over the past few years as an unprecedented pandemic hit the world. During his graduation address to the students, Head of College Anthony Coles commended them for “withstanding the consecutive waves of challenges that came your way with unwavering determination and resilience. You are stronger because of this, which will hold you in good stead as you move through life. You are ready to go and make a difference!”

Rachel Edwards addresses on the graduation ceremony

As the Head of Senior School, Mrs Rachel Edwards shared her final words of wisdom and recommended the graduating students to continue to “work hard and earn the successful lives that await you, embrace new adventures and remain connected to each other.”

The Class of 2022’s unfaltering adaptability showed until the very last minute as the traditional graduation celebrations underwent multiple changes, like roller coasters of deceived anticipation and joyful celebration. It took a community of loving family and friends working hand in hand with caring and dedicated teachers to nurture and guide them. Their graduation thus not only marks the completion of their outstanding secondary education but also symbolises their coming of age as they prepare to conquer the real world, equipped with the many life skills that parents and teachers, present and past, have helped them develop.

Preparation for graduation
Class of 2022 small group photo
class of 2022 graduation group photos

Stephen Hurworth, Head of Student Wellbeing (KS4/5), acknowledges that “Any teacher or educational leader would agree that we want students reaching the end of their formal schooling to be confident, resilient, driven, aspirational and ready to take on the next steps life has to offer.” Class of 2022, you are the epitome of all of the above! Our Dulwich values of confidence, resilience and open-mindedness couldn’t be more fitting to this cohort, and these traits will 100% hold them in the best possible shape for life at the university and beyond.”

Students with their teachers

He is echoed by Klaudia Tomaszun, Assistant Head of Senior School (Enrichment), who conveys her “Huge congratulations to the Class of 2022! You are an inquisitive and inspirational cohort. Your motivation to improve has not faltered since you started your studies at DCB. You have demonstrated nothing but academic independence and never-ending self-motivation during your time at this school. You are the most caring, kind and resilient year group I have had the privilege to be involved with as an educator. You are an inspiration to all the students and teachers who have had a chance to work with you. Your spirit and integrity as a cohort are outstanding, and you have been an excellent motivation to all.” Being a DCB long-timer, she underlines that “Our excellent school reputation comes from students like yourselves and all your successes and achievements throughout your time at DCB. Always look up, see far, be humble and modest and make positive changes! Congratulations, Class of 2022 – Well done, Munchkins!

Class of 2022 graduation group photo - cap throwing

We wish the Class of 2022 all the best for their future endeavours and look forward to witnessing the new chapter they are about to unfold!