DCB Guiding Statement Report for Academic Year 2022-23

Dulwich College Beijing is proud to present the Guiding Statements Report for the academic year 2022-23!

At Dulwich College Beijing, our mission is to Live Worldwise. We envision a world where our students are empowered and intrinsically motivated to make a positive impact on people, society and the planet. Guided by our DCB values, our school spirit is driven by our shared commitment to global citizenship and internationalism.     

Live Worldwise with Dulwich College Beijing

The DCB guiding statements act as a compass, shaping and directing the College's purpose, trajectory, and decision-making. These statements serve as a constant reminder that in everything we do, to always put Students First while also addressing the broader community's needs. 

And at the conclusion of every biennial academic year, we take the time to reflect and review our achievements and areas for improvement based on the guiding statements. This process helps us identify areas of focus and then plan for what we need to do to ensure that we remain on track toward our goals. 


The DCB 2022-2023 Guiding Statements Report provides a comprehensive overview that gauges the College's progress, assessed through our five educational pillars – Academics, Performing Arts, Sport, Global Citizenship and Learning Beyond the Classroom. The report also reviews our performance in terms of fostering the must-needed attributes among our students such as leadership and providing students with a world-class learning environment.  

Here are some key highlights from the report:  

Senior School students learning in lab


  • Our class of 2023 has received 340+ offers from prestigious universities around the world, including some very unique and popular majors. 
  • The articulation of the student journey continues, with alignment as a key focus. 
  • At DUCKS, a new Programme of Inquiry was introduced this year, supported by academies and home learning projects. 
  • A new Junior School yearly curriculum overview map has been developed, outlining all key components 
  • In the IB Arts Exhibition and GCSE Arts Exhibition, our students impressed the community with their exceptional works of visual arts.   
  • AI and cutting-edge technologies continue to be incorporated into the curriculum.  
Junior School Sounds of Spring

Performing Arts  

  • A wide range of on-stage opportunities are offered to our students to showcase their talents in performing arts.   
  • 400+ students participated in major performances across the College in this academic year.  
  • An exclusive partnership with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company in England allows our students to receive world-class theatre knowledge from some of the best actors and theatre performers in the world.  
Junior School Sports Day


  • In the academic year 2022-23, we organised 151 on-campus matches. 
  • Over 330 students participated in the school sports teams this year.  
  • Over 200 students participated in sports ECAs.  
  • Cross-school games like FOBISIA and Dulwich Games provided Junior School students with extra opportunities to meet and compete against students from other schools in the Dulwich network or the wider international community.  
Parade on Founder's Day

Global Citizenship 

  • A new set of competencies has been developed and is ready to roll out next year.  
  • Sustainability and Global Citizenship are well embedded within all our curriculums across three schools, as well as other school activities and programmes.   

Learning Beyond the Classroom 

  • 160+ extracurricular activities spanning sports, music, drama, art, robotics, Chinese reading, cooking, current affairs, philosophy, and many more. 60% of the extracurricular activities are led or co-led by students themselves.  
  • 600+ students attended more than 100 activities offered by the Dulwich Community Programme this academic year.  
  • The Ignite: Switzerland programme offered Year 9 students a unique opportunity to expand their horizons in a unique mountain setting for one term.
  • Parent partnership continues to be a focus with multiple Parent Academies happening every week. We offered 100+ Parent Academies this school year.  
  • Community events like Founder’s Day have returned, and the campus is again full of life.   
  • Initiatives like Worldwise Academy and Parent Masterclass extend student learning to areas beyond the classroom.   
  • The College is forming an external partnership with organisations and academia to bring additional resources and opportunities to our students.   
Senior School students reading to young kids

Students are at the centre of everything we do 

  • Senior School launched the Executive Student Council to better encourage student voice from all the key stages in Senior School. 
  • 94% of students express that they understand how they are expected to behave in school. 
  • 100% of staff received safeguarding training. 100% of the staff completed the criminal record check and background check. 100% of recruitment interviews underwent safeguarding knowledge evaluation.  
  • 70,000+ resources in the three school libraries.  
  • 94% of students consider the classrooms and other teaching spaces at school suitable for learning.