6 DCB students achieve Highest Marks in Country for (I)GCSE

Dulwich College Beijing

We are proud to share some outstanding news: 6 DCB students will be receiving awards for getting highest marks in the country from both the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards and the Pearson Outstanding Learner Awards!

Cambridge and Edexcel are two main testing boards in the UK, with Pearson being the parent company of Edexcel. Given the number of international school students sitting these exams in China and the challenges brought on by the past few years, earning these awards is a great honour and a testament to their resilience and their commitment to academic excellence.

Our students have gained Highest Mark in China for GCSE Psychology and GCSE Art, Craft and Design, and Top in Country for Drama:

GCSE highest marks award

When asked about some key factors to their accomplishment, Endora attributed it to her personal ambition and the discipline her teacher instilled in her. 

Endora Y

“She was such a responsible teacher who gave excellent advice and suggestions to our performances. Although it was really hard, I realised after completing my portfolio how necessary it was and how grateful I still am as a student from the class.

As a drama enthusiast, I had extremely high expectations for myself and spent my maximum potential in the performances. I also did extra work in pre-memorizing my scripts and recording my progress. A large part of my accomplishment simply came from the initiatives I took due to how passionate I am in theatre. 

And drama is completely dependent on your collaboration with your fellow actors. Although IGCSE drama was individually assessed, if it weren't for my supportive and ambitious peers who all had a passion for drama, we wouldn't have made such an accomplishment.”

Anthony Coles

And from our Head of College Anthony Coles: 

“Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the Cambridge Learner Awards and the Edexcel Outstanding Learners awards. This is an opportunity to celebrate this group of students, and an opportunity for the winners to look back on their hard work and take pride in their achievements. It is a special moment for their families, their teachers, and Dulwich College Beijing.”

Our heartfelt congratulations to our students and their teachers, and our sincerest thanks to their parents and teacher for surrounding them with a supportive learning environment where they can thrive. Well done!