Extraordinary IGCSE Results for 2019

Congratulations to DCB's 2019 IGCSE cohort for achieving historic results! Our students and staff worked very hard, and it showed! Ninety-two Year 11 students took 880 IGCSE courses, with 97.7% of all grades averaging A* – C (or 9 – 5) and 78.6% of all grades averaging A* – A (or 9 – 7). There were 26 students with all A* – A grades. 

Special mentions go to the following students for receiving Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards:

  • Justine M for Top in World in Mathematics 
  • Andrew H for Top in China in Economics
  • Heather L for Top in China in World Literature

And Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards:

  • Jessica T for the Highest Marks Internationally in History
  • Andrew H for the Highest Marks Internationally in History
DCB students who received Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2019
Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards winners
Justine receiving Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

Here is a summary of the exceptional results:

  • 92 Year 11 students completed 880 IGCSE courses with 79% of all grades an A or A*.
  • An amazing 38% of all grades were A*s or better.
  • 71 students completed Triple Award Science and 98% of grades were A or A*. In Physics 48 students were awarded level 9, 14 level 8, and 8 level 7; in Biology 38 level 9, 19 level 8, and 13 level 7; and in Chemistry 27 level 9, 29 level 8, and 12 level 7.
  • 30 students completed Additional Mathematics; 90% obtained an A or better with 17 A*s out of 30.
  • In English Literature, 53% of students obtained an A or A*.
  • In Mandarin First, Mandarin Second and Mandarin Foreign Language, 76% of students obtained an A or A*.
  • In History, 93% of students obtained an A or A*.
  • 1 student got 11 A*s; 2 students got 10 A*s and 1 A out of 11 subjects.
IGCSE Results 2019, DCB

Headmaster Simon Herbert says: "I would like to congratulate not only Justine, Andrew, Heather and Jessica for their outstanding achievements, but all our 2019 Year 11 students for their hard work and alignment to our College values, which is reflected in these excellent and well-deserved results."

Well done to these students, who have conquered a rigorous curriculum, and at the same time, balanced their academics with passionate engagement in sports, performing arts, visual arts, community service, and more! 


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