Eight IGCSE Highest Marks in China

What an achievement! Congratulations to seven DCB students for receiving eight Outstanding Pearson Learning Awards for Highest Mark in China in seven GCSE/IGCSE qualification subjects! Pearson is the parent company of Edexcel, one of the main examination boards in the UK. Announced every year in November, this award is a rarity given the number of international school students sitting the IGCSE exams in China, making the competition even tougher.


Let’s give a big applause to:


Hayun C – GCSE Art, Craft and Design 

Marjorie Y – GCSE Art, Craft and Design 

Annika T – GCSE Psychology  

Annika T – IGCSE English Language 

Yi Jing C – IGCSE Economics  

Yeseo K – IGCSE English Literature 

Pietro P – IGCSE German  

Kevin S – IGCSE Science (Double Award) 


Well done!