Family Favourites: Interview with Class of 2023 Sofia S


Over the summer, JingKids’ published the Graduation edition of their magazine, which included an interview by our then Year 6 student (now Year 7) Eleanor W with our Class of 2023 Sofia S. Find the article here: (p62-63).   

Interview with Sofia S by Junior School student Eleanor

Learn more about Sofia and her advice for Senior School students in the piece below:

Family Favourites

Eleanor, Year 6

Hi, I am Eleanor, a Year 6 student at Dulwich College Beijing (DCB), and I am a Beijinger who loves this city. Curious how others feel about Beijing, I interviewed Sofia S, Class of 2023.

1. What is your favourite thing to do during the weekend?

Apart from spending time with my family and resetting for the upcoming week, I love to dance. There are so many new dance studios that have opened up in Beijing with amazing master classes, so I spend my time going to dance classes to learn and exercise.


2. Where do you like to hang out with friends?

My friends and I love to explore the city, so often we would go city biking, or visit unique areas like the 798 Art District to enjoy each other’s company and take pictures. We also love going to karaoke, and enjoy tasting viral food spots.


3. What do you like about living in Beijing, and what do you find challenging?

I love living in Beijing for many reasons, most importantly its safety, accessibility, and diversity of possibilities. I love that despite Beijing’s busy streets, as someone who lives in the city, I can always conveniently use public transport systems. Whether it's rental bikes or the subway train, I can confidently get to most places I wish. I also love that the city has entertainment spaces at almost every corner, ranging from malls to parks and playgrounds. The biggest challenge is definitely the size of the city, that despite so many forms of transportation, it can take some time to get from one place to another, especially when they are in different districts.


4. Where would you like to bring visitors to Beijing for a day?

I would most definitely bring them to the Hutongs. It’s a beautiful area where you can walk or bike around while learning about Chinese culture and China’s long-lasting history.


5. You were the DCB Media Prefect and have decided to major in Communications. Why such a strong passion? Can you share your experience with the current students who are also passionate about media?

Something you cannot escape in the 21st century is the world of media. It is fascinating to see the power media holds, as often people believe in the most absurd information they read on the internet. From politics to sports and science, how the information is presented has now become more valuable to the general public than factual evidence, and with the wide range of available resources, it has become harder to identify the ‘right’ opinion. With such an expansion of media, journalism has now become a craft, attracting many like myself to try to calm the chaos online. I also consider it a timeless job, as there will be a constant need of coverage, ranging from interviews, photos, videos, and writeups, which also gives opportunities to people with different interests. Something as simple as posting on social media already is an experience in media, which is why I advise all students who find themselves passionate about this side of the world to pursue media in its variety of forms.


6. What key things have you learned from your university application journey?

I’ve learnt the importance of planning ahead and doing extensive research. Although I had a general idea of what universities I wanted to apply to, I only started my research right before the application cycle began, which didn’t give me enough time to explore my options. Universities that I’ve selected also had different requirements, and to avoid stressing out about meeting deadlines, it is so important to plan out schedules and mark important dates to ensure everything is submitted on time and with the desired quality.


7. What advice will you give to students who are about to start their Senior School?

I would say Senior School is the best time to explore yourself and to learn responsibility. During SS, use every opportunity to find yourself, ranging from your hobbies to your habits, to your preferred methods of learning. Use this time to try new things, whether it’s a sport or an ECA, and meet new people, who might become your lifelong friends. It is important to always be open-minded and willing to accept any opportunity that comes your way. However, it is also the time for your personal growth, and since you are becoming older, it is crucial that you learn to meet deadlines and keep up with your studies. In general, use the school’s resources and learn the subjects you like to utilize your time at school.


8. What is a memorable moment of your DCB years?

My time at DCB wasn’t long, however, I’ve made endless memories with the people I’ve met here. If I had to choose one moment, it would be the end of this year’s Year 13 leavers assembly, when a compilation of all our pictures played to an emotional song. During that moment, I realized how important it is to cherish every second you have and surround yourself with the people you love, which also made me sentimental about our high school life coming to an end.