Roaring Lions: DCB Students Shine at ISAC & ACAMIS Sports Events

Dulwich College Beijing

Congratulations to our amazing Lions!

The campus has been experiencing back-to-back excitement, with the school hosting both the ISAC (International Schools Athletic Conference) and ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools Sports League) tournaments these last few weeks and achieving fantastic results, including several top placers. 

This video was produced by our students and presented right before the winners were announced. ▲


Here's a snapshot of our achievements:


🏐 ISAC Volleyball:

  • U12 Girls A- 1st place
  • U12 Boys A 1st Place
  • U14 Girls A- 2nd place
  • U14 Girls B- 1st Place
  • U14 Boys A- 2nd Place
  • U14 Boys B- 5th Place
U12 Volleyball
U14 Boys B Volleyball
U14 Girls B

🏀 ACAMIS Basketball

  • Girls – 2nd
  • Boys – 2nd 
ACAMIS Basketball
ACAMIS girls

Nathan C, one of our Year 13 basketball players, shared how his experience in the ACAMIS tournament is one that he will never forget. “Sadly, we narrowly lost in the championship game, but it was a close match that showcased our team's hard work, dedication, and journey throughout season 2. This tournament was particularly memorable for me as it was the first ACAMIS since the COVID-19 pandemic, and so was my first time participating. The atmosphere was electric, filled with a sense of support and a shared passion for the game. Despite the disappointment of not winning the title, the experience was invaluable. Playing alongside my teammates, feeling the support of our school across the college, and just being part of such a significant event after a long pause due to the pandemic was truly special.”

acamis basketball

Clare Anderson-Au, our Head of Senior School, shared, “The campus has been filled with the sound of cheering and the beating of drums with the school hosting both the ISAC and ACAMIS Varsity competitions. The support from all members of the community has been great to see, and hear, and it is moments like this when we are reminded about just how special we are as a school community.”

Anthony Coles, our Head of College, also shared how these fantastic results have made our community proud. “Congratulations to our students, coaches, and our Director of Sport, Hannah Marshall, for doing well in these tournaments and demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship throughout the season.”

Hannah Marshall, Director of Sport, also added, “I am overjoyed with the exceptional performance our students displayed in the tournaments. Their dedication, skill, and sportsmanship were truly commendable. The vibrant atmosphere on campus, coupled with unwavering support from parents, has created a nurturing environment, and I am thrilled to witness how sports at DCB is growing from strength to strength.


Please enjoy more thrilling photos capturing our sports fever, and care of our Student Media Team:

ACAMIS girls
ACAMIS girls