DCI Launches Worldwise Alumni Network to Build Bridges for Alumni

When Fraser White and Karen Yung founded the first international Dulwich College in 2003, their vision was to create a school that would build bridges to the world, and for their own children to become bridges to the world.


Now, 17 years later, Dulwich College International has grown into a family of 13 schools across Asia with an alumni network that is now more than 3000-strong.

DCI alumni event

"I am constantly amazed at what our alumni are doing after they've left us," remarked Karen Yung, Co-Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer of Dulwich College International. "Many of our alumni have gone onto some of the world's most prestigious and niche university programmes. They've gone on to be not just doctors and lawyers and engineers, as many have, but they have also gone on to be music composers, artists, entrepreneurs. They are making an impact around the world, and they are making things happen every single day."


Co-created by alumni, the Worldwise Alumni Network aims to bring our alumni from across our family of schools together, and to build bridges for them to:

  • Develop themselves personally and professionally
  • Connect, re-connect and socialise with other alumni across our family of schools
  • Pioneer positive change - in industry, society, and the global community

We are so excited to officially launch the network, and invite all alumni to sign up on the platform to unlock all membership benefits. Everyone over the age of 18 who has ever attended a Dulwich school is eligible to join.

Sign up and get connected now: www.alumni.dulwich.org

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