Don’t Just Imagine, Become! VIDEO: DCB Students – Leaders of Today

What will you see when you visit Dulwich College Beijing? State-of-the-art facilities? Passionate teachers? Happy students? 

There is something else that makes a visit to DCB distinctively unique.   

You will see students actively engaged in leadership from a very early age: six-year-old student council members brainstorming new playground designs; ten-year-old House Captains organising activities for the Junior School; Senior School students designing and leading extra-curricular activities for peers, coaching sport teams, showing visitors around, and even running their own business projects as young entrepreneurs! 

DCB's commitment to leadership programmes has gone from strength to strength with young people actively thinking about their personal goals and ambitions and how these might bring value to the wider community. 

Young people need to feel confident about themselves and the contribution they can make. They need a supportive environment to help them recognise their own abilities so that they can try new things and even learn how to fail well. From this they can develop an 'I can' attitude towards all aspects of their school lives, whether it is passion for learning, contribution to performing arts, sports or service to others. 

The greatest impact of DCB's commitment to student leadership is in giving young people the motivation and confidence to believe that no option is closed to them and the future holds many exciting possibilities, so that when it is time to leave Dulwich College Beijing, they graduate 'worldwise'.

Watch the #DCBLeadersofToday video to see what student leadership means for us.