A MADD week Around the World in Junior School!

Last week, our Junior School enthusiastically enjoyed a MADD (Music Art Drama and Dance) Around the World Festival when students could immerse in a variety of cultures and traditions from different parts around the world. While the MADD Festival was traditionally hosted by one of the Dulwich College International schools and attended by a selection of students and staff from each school, this year gave an incredibly enriching opportunity for all our Junior School students to experience a cultural MADDness! Click here to enjoy the full event!


Students were given a choice of exciting and fun focus groups to join in.

The Dance focus groups experienced different dance routines from around the world, ranging from Middle East movements to the sound of Disney’s famous Aladdin, all the way through India’s renowned Bollywood vibrant rhythms. Under the guidance of their experienced teachers Ms Willis and Ms Malek, the students managed to put up a complex dance sequence within a week!


The Art focus groups discovered the art of mask-making, using used a wide range of art and design techniques to create masks reflecting a rich array of different cultures. Each student created a unique piece by integrating elements from different countries of a chosen continent into their artwork, reflecting the power of multicultural influences. Their Art teacher Ms Corben took this opportunity to reinforce their commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendly resources such as rice glue and rice paper, and repurposing other materials for this project.


In the Drama focus groups, everyone had the opportunity to test their acting and scriptwriting skills while getting to research and learn more from other countries. From acting out traditional Korean stories to a dialogue from Brazilian Copacabana Beach, the festival gave our Junior School budding actors and actresses the platform to showcase their theatrical talents and teamwork skills in a fun-filled atmosphere under the supervision of Ms Doku and a team of passionate teachers!


On the Music front, students were treated to songs from a range of different cultures and countries. While memorising lots of lyrics, students developed their music knowledge in changing pitch and dynamics as required by each song. One particular song, a Brazilian song talking about the monster Tutu Marambá, spiced up the atmosphere as it became spookier and spookier as practices went on.


A singing session was directed by Ms McFaul by mid-day every day. Better World by Paul Jarman was not an easy song to learn, but students and staff worked hard to get our singing and the musical arrangement just right. By the time the song was finally recorded on Thursday, Junior School sounded sensational interpreting this powerful ballad! See for yourself here


A part of the Junior School Diversity, Equality and Inclusion initiatives, afternoon workshops provided more opportunities to celebrate different cultures and traditions through a wide range of activities led by Ms Tinubu. Students scaled up their cooking skills (and taste buds) with dumplings, Nigerian puff puffs and Mexican quesadillas. They experienced Samba, African and Chinese drumming, and learnt about African jewellery making alongside origami, Chinese and Australian crafts and storytelling. They were also initiated to mah-jong, dreamcatchers, pop art and fashion art.


To close an eventful week, Junior School also came together as one to perform an incredible dance! Jerusalema is a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG that has recently inspired a worldwide dance challenge. The Jerusalema dance is a line dance that brings everyone together to perform choreographed moves in tandem. Each year group could perfect their Jerusalema moves with Ms Malik and Ms Wills before a whole school dance was performed and recorded! Click here and join the dance.