Dulwich College Beijing Class of 2021 Matriculations

Jeffrey Harmon
Director of University Counselling

With 2021 coming quickly to a close, we want to celebrate once more the accomplishments of our Class of 2021 graduates as they have made the transition into their next stage of life. 

Although our students finished their IB examinations and graduated from Dulwich College Beijing this past spring, many students must wait until the summer before their university plans are finalised. One major reason is that many universities issue conditional offers that cannot be confirmed until IB results are released in mid-July (and some programmes need to wait until A-Level results are issued in mid-August). Moreover, the academic calendar and admissions cycle is offset in areas such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. Most university programmes there will begin with the new year in January, February or March 2022. Therefore, applicants may need to wait until late December for a final decision. 

We celebrate the many offers our students receive each spring, but ultimately, a student can only attend one single university. The below list of matriculations shows where our recent Class of 2021 graduates have decided to enrol, including those students who have chosen to take a gap year before continuing their pursuit of higher education. 


DCB Class of 2021 matriculations