New Reception playset makes for fun and safe play

Dulwich College Beijing
Reception playset

With classes now in session and student learning in motion, students have been enjoying their new playset.

Imported from overseas, the Tree House has been designed for children 3 and up. Award-winning Finnish manufacturer Lappset has carefully designed the playset to meet the needs of children, while also minimizing safety risks.

Reception playset

The Tree House and Track includes two bridges, two climbing areas, one crawling space, one play panel, two rooves, one crawling tube, two slides, two balancing areas and two towers. There are many spaces for Reception children to play on and within.

Reception playset

The playset meets British and European safety standards. It has been independently tested by TUV and found to be compliant with safety standards EN 1176-1: 2017 and EN 1176-3: 2017.

The playset has been tested for COVID-19 twice, once when it entered China and once before it entered the DCB campus.

Further, the Tree House and Track has design features that make it easy, fun, and safe to play on. This includes a soft and bouncy 13.5 cm deep mat, smooth wooden support beams, curved edges, shading from the sun and a slide with a clear plastic window.

Reception playset details