Cut Your Carbon This Month with our No Carbon November Challenge

Dulwich College Beijing

Carbon emissions refer to the amount of CO² or carbon dioxide produced by our actions, which is known as our carbon footprint. Excessive emissions have a harmful impact on our planet and arise from various aspects of our lives, such as electricity usage, travel, shopping, and dietary choices.

At DCB, we strive to become responsible and impactful global citizens by cultivating mindfulness and understanding how our individual actions can influence and make an impact in our community and the world.

No carbon november 2023 poster

This November, we invite you to join us to Live Worldwise by taking on our No Carbon November challenge – a month-long initiative featuring daily challenges aimed at living more sustainably and reducing our carbon footprint. Participate at home and encourage your friends to join in the challenge as well. Together, let’s make small but meaningful changes in our day-to-day lives, or what we call "Teaspoons of Change."

These small adjustments, when adopted collectively, can lead to significant and a bigger impact. As global citizens working together, we have the potential to make a positive difference at home, at our school, and in our world. 

No carbon november 2023 calendar
No carbon november 2023 - Low carbon every day